Student Voice

If you’re a student who is thinking about applying to NJC, that’s great! We are so pleased that you are considering studying here, whether for your grade 12 or an enrichment (gap) year.

It was the best year of my life!

Please get in touch with our Director of Admission to find out more. We can also arrange for you to talk with our current students and alumni about the NJC experience. Very soon, you will understand why so many people say “It was the best year of my life!”

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about NJC:

How many students attend NJC? What is the ratio of students to faculty?
The College is intentionally small, averaging an annual enrollment of 50-80 students. The ratio of students to faculty is 10:1. Classes are generally small, averaging 13 students.

Is NJC co-educational?
NJC has always been a co-educational institution. The ratio of girls to boys varies 
each year, usually being 2:1 in recent years.

With so much travel offered, when do students actually attend school?
Students attend school Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. The longer school day is due to the Swiss custom of a longer lunch break. Trips take place on the weekends, with a Friday or Monday occasionally being added to a school-organized trip when there is a long weekend. Students are not permitted to miss class for the purpose of independent travel.

How many courses may I take at NJC?
NJC is a semestered school (September-January & February -June). Students take a minimum of three and a maximum of four courses each semester. The school day is divided into five teaching blocks so students will have one or two spare blocks, plus a lunch break, in addition to their classes.

How far away from the school do students live?
Most students will commute to Neuchâtel by tram, train or bus. A minority of students will live close enough to the school that they only need their feet! Commute times vary from 5 to 30 minutes with the average being approximately 20 minutes. Transportation passes for traveling to and from school are included in tuition fees. The public transportation system in Switzerland is world renowned for
its efficiency, safety, punctuality and reliability, and all alumni will tell you that commuting in Switzerland is a pleasure given the spectacular views!

Do I need to speak French to apply to NJC?
Many students who attend NJC do not speak French fluently beforehand. Some can only say “bonjour”, while others are already fluent. All students are required to study French while at NJC. Students choose to take either a credit course (core, extended or immersion) or a non-credit French Communication and Culture class (beginner, intermediate or advanced). Being immersed in a French environment, our students quickly improve their French language abilities.