Diane Goodman NJC ’76

Diane Goodman NJC ’76

Deputy Director, Bureau for Europe, UNHCR

We are honoured that Ms. Diane Goodman NJC ’76 has visited Neuchâtel Junior College in recent years to speak to our students about her work for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR). NJC students visit the UN offices on a planned field trip every year, but to hear directly from an alumna who works within the UN is an extraordinary opportunity since so many of our students are considering careers with an international focus.

During her presentations to students, Diane traces the evolution of her career – she began her professional career as a lawyer but soon was attracted to human rights issues and women’s rights – and shares how her and her husband's work (her husband Marc Vincent works for UNICEF) has brought her and her family all over the world to places such as Cambodia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Sudan, Nepal, and Geneva, Switzerland, the headquarters of the UNHCR. She also screens a compelling film featuring refugees telling their stories of their struggles in camps and the life they have made for themselves since, thereby heightening students' understanding of the important and necessary work of the UNHCR.

In 2014, Diane was introduced to the audience by her son, Myles Goodman-Vincent.  Now a graduate of NJC’s class of 2014, Myles is studying at Queen’s University.

For more information about Diane Goodman’s work, view this 2-minute interview she participated in during the Council of Europe, Parliamentary Assembly’s Spring 2014 Plenary Session in Strasbourg.

September 11th, 2014