NESDA hosted by NJC

NESDA hosted by NJC

On Friday (March 23) and Saturday (March 24), NJC hosted 6 International schools from The Hague, Dusseldorf, Vienna, Munich, Brussels and Prague for the second NESDA (New European Speech, Debate, and Acting Association) competition of the 2011-12 school year. We were visited by some 70 students and teachers/coaches. The two-day tournament featured competitions in original oratory, impromptu speaking, oral interpretation (of a written text), duet acting and debating (the prepared debate topic was: “modern media make fair trials impossible”). All students, including 7 from NJC, spent weeks preparing their performances, and the judges and audience were treated to a wide range of superb performances. Several members of the anglophone community of Neuchâtel came to watch and/or to act as judges, and they were all impressed by the scope of talent of the students.

Two of our students, Hannah Land and Jack T took first place in duet acting for their performance of an excerpt from T. Williams' "Streetcar named Desire", while the second prize in the same activity went to Samuel M and Eric T for their performance of Albee's "Zoo story" (Samuel and Charlotte P had won first prize for duet acting back in the fall tournament in Brussels) and Marina dePJ won first in oral interpretation for her rendition of a short story by S. Shamas. Megan C also competed and scored well, missing a third place by one point for her two performances.

The tournament director (me) was ably assisted by a student committee led by Charlotte Pand and Lauren N, who managed a veritable maze of details to create a superbly run affair. Thanks also to Ms. Northcott who looked after all the scoring, and to several of our office staff who also took on a variety of responsibilities.

Our visitors complimented NJC's hospitality and were suitably awed by our spectacular school location and views from our terrasse.

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- Dan Martin
April 30th, 2012