NJC wins at SGIS dance competition

NJC wins at SGIS dance competition

As a competitive dancer, adjusting to a new routine in Neuchâtel that did not involve dance four nights a week was a difficult task. Many students had to leave behind their extracurricular activities in Canada, but thankfully Mr. Boyer helped us retrieve ours here when informing us of an upcoming dance competition.

Marissa DM, another dancer, and I jumped right on board as we had less than two months to prepare for the competition, without the help of a dance teacher. I was surprised by how many students had enthusiastically  volunteered. After gathering a dance team, Mr. Boyer helped us find a rehearsal space. He led us straight to Pleine Forme, a private fitness centre with fantastic studio space. Marissa and I were overjoyed to see a big room with hardwood floors, mirrors, a good sound system and fancy lights, as we would have settled for almost anything. A jammed rehearsal schedule was set that same day. We juggled dance practices and studying during the week of exams. I have to admit it was not easy to make up hip hop choreography in my tiny pension room, teach myself how to mix songs and study for three different exams, but I knew the dancing was worth it.

We had pulled together a hip hop dance with nine girls; Jade W, Jasmine H, Hailey S, Laura C, Rhian F, Alyssa O, Becca B, Marissa and I, before leaving to Zermatt. Then in two, three hour, practices the weekend back from Zermatt, Haley, Jasmine, Marissa and I completed a contemporary piece to the song Werewolf by Coco Rosie. I was also convinced to enter a solo into the competition that weekend, that I made up to the song Revelry by Kings of Leon. I was surprised at how well both dances had turned out, with me as an amateur choreographer and with many beginner dancers.

The week of the competition, costumes were assembled, dances were perfected and our team was ready. The competition was held at the Théatre de Vevey, and was hosted by Saint George’s International School. There were five other international schools participating in all age categories and dance styles. The day of the competition was a huge success. The girls danced to their fullest potential and blew the judges away with their energy and creativity. The hip hop dance finished in second place, while the contemporary and my solo placed first. We cheered louder than ever because we were very excited to be the first NJC dance team to put a trophy in the school trophy cabinet. Congratulations to all the dancers and a huge thanks to M. Boyer, M. and Mrs. Frankie-Deverell for their support!

- Erika R.
March 29th, 2012