Academic Excellence

Student-centred education, enhanced by experience – that is the NJC approach. Progressive and
thought-provoking, NJC experiential education has
at its core a rigorous academic program.

Living and learning in Europe, our students are exposed to world history, unfolding current events, international guest speakers, European school competitions, different languages, and a myriad of cultural activities. Simply put, NJC students learn more by being active and engaged in the world around them.

In our focused, small community of students, classmates:

  • become interdependent in establishing group goals and decision-making skills
  • develop strong leadership abilities
  • experience enhanced motivation and self-confidence.

Reflection is an essential activity that takes place at key points throughout the work.
The academic partnership between our teachers and students includes rigorous, ongoing
assessment, communication, feedback and evaluation.

Critical thinking is essential to the success of student-oriented learning. When students are engaged in active discussions, high level thinking skills are put into practice to the point where information is synthesized at a deeper level of understanding. NJC provides opportunities for students to engage in challenging conversation, encouraging them
to think about what people have said and respond reflectively, analytically, and
imaginatively. Our students find their voice through peer-to-peer interaction
and become active participants in the learning process.

NJC selects adventurous teachers who are drawn to this stimulating learning environment, and prepared to serve as both facilitators and collaborators.
Our teachers weave classroom lessons, extracurricular activities and travel experiences into an integrated whole, providing guidance and working with students to construct a rich, meaningful, experience-based educational environment.

Action-oriented, the NJC approach stimulates students to develop a way of thinking that helps them evolve as individuals, preparing them well for university and beyond. Find out what our teachers and students have to say about the academics at NJC by watching the videos featured.