International Service

NJC offers students the option of participating in international service projects with NGO partners like Free the Children/WE and Habitat for Humanity.

As a result, our students:

  • gain a deeper understanding of social justice issues
  • develop greater empathy for people living in difficult circumstances
  • become mindful of their ability to make a compassionate difference

"Kenya and Portugal were trips that highlighted a lot of the same things as well. The children who live in the middle of nowhere with no running water and a job at the age of six are remarkably similar in character to children of our western world. That aside, these trips were (I’d say) the most important trips to me… This is work that truly mattered, and showed us all how fortunate we are for living like how we do, and how we should never stop counting our blessings. It showed us how much work still needs to be done to make this world better, and made us realize that we should never stop doing what we’re doing. Forget the 40 mandatory hours to graduate, volunteering is about changing lives and creating opportunities for those truly in need.” - Max Robson '17