‘Pension’ boarding

NJC school fees include room and board, and all students live with a local French-speaking family
in a pension, as it is known in French.

Boarding with ‘pension’ families

Most of our families have been working with NJC for more than a decade, and some even longer than that. The maîtresse de pension maintains close contact with the College and informs us at once in case of illness, unjustified absence or undesirable behaviour. She is also willing to counsel her guests about customs that may seem strange to them and provide information about the facilities and services available in the city of Neuchâtel. 

Daily life

The curfew during the week is 10:30 pm and on weekends, 1:30 am. Upon acceptance to the College, our students sign a “Code of Behaviour” document and our pension families are aware of the code and also the College’s expectations of them as our students’ hosts. Accommodations vary from small apartments in the heart of the town to rambling country homes in picturesque villages on the outskirts of Neuchâtel. Some students will be the only NJC student in the ‘pension’, while others will have a roommate, in which case the students may share a bedroom or each have their own. Every effort is made to match the students to a ‘pension’ family where they will feel comfortable. Over the years, our students have formed strong bonds with these local families and many stay in touch for years after they have graduated.

“The ‘pension’ is a unique feature of studying at NJC, and it gives students complete immersion into the European way of life. Different food, different customs, and French being spoken in the home – it all adds up to an unparalleled learning opportunity that also gives our students a new perspective on the home they probably took for granted as they were growing up.”

"What surprised me is that the pension families are so eager to accept you into their family. With us, she is always attentive, feeds us until our stomach is full, and waits near the door to make sure we arrive home safely. When I am sick she is always ready to check my temperature, make foods that accommodate my illness, and serves me chamomile tea as if it were on a conveyer belt. She has truly made my stay welcome, feeling like I am not alone.” - Celeste Ozimek-Newman '17