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Strengthen the NJC experience for the next generation.

Neuchâtel Junior College is an extraordinary school and has developed a venerable reputation amongst Canadian independent schools. We provide one of the very best preparatory educations in the world, combined with our signature experiential curriculum.

Each year, NJC delivers a transformation in our students. We change the way that our students think about the world, and in turn, they grow in confidence, ability, and integrity.

This transformation is largely fueled by the passion and generosity of our community – grateful alumni and parents who believe in the Neuchâtel Junior College experience. An experience which is described, simply, by many alumni as the best year of their lives.

"It was one of the best years of my life. NJC opened my mind to different languages and cultures. I came to really respect and appreciate the values that exist in other cultures."
- Jennifer Stoddart, NJC ’67, Privacy Commissioner of Canada

The school relies on charitable giving to fund projects beyond the regular operating expenses covered by tuition. The NJC Fund is the registered charity, which 

fundraises to support the schools charitable activities and oversees the school’s endowment.

While tuition covers the school’s operating costs, it is our legion of loyal donors — alumni, parents, staff and friends — who power advancements and our charitable programs. Scholarships ensure that we continue to attract and award the finest students. Bursaries help appreciative families manage the cost of tuition and help to ensure that no students are left behind when travel opportunities are presented. Donors also contribute to special programs to enhance our curriculum and maintain our historic campus.

With NJC’s gratitude, all alumni, parents and friends are invited to donate to the area of need that is most personally meaningful. Every investment in NJC is gratefully received, regardless of amount and will help the school thrive for future generations. 

If you have questions or require further information, please contact Sarah Morison '91, Director of Advancement at 
1.800.263.2923 x223 or